Granny Flat – Affordable Independence


Seniors or disabled folks now have an independent alternative to costly nursing homes or retirement communities. The backyard home can provide family members with peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are safe, secure and in proximity. Placed in the backyard of the family home or perhaps even over a garage, the accessory dwelling unit extends the warmth and inclusion of family to an aesthetically pleasing, self-contained, and energy efficient dwelling. Backyard homes are perfect for an older person who no longer wishes to maintain a full-sized house, but who also does not require nursing home accommodations. The senior has maximum independence with a household tailored for their individual needs whether they are wheelchair access, grab bars and safety features.

Or what about parents helping their adult children to reduce costs as they attend university or climb up the professional ladder, yet have a taste of independent living?

CREST HOMES can provide full service consultation to implementation services:

BACKYARD HOME: Granny Flat – Affordable Independence